Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: My Return!

1. In two days, it will have been one month since my last post. Yes. It's been a while. I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth or abandoned my blog. Have no fear, my small, but loyal following: I am back! :)

2. Most of the past month has consisted of me babysitting. I actually spent about one week watching all four of my nephews, which left me feeling quite exhausted. I have since taken the boys on a couple of outings, one with all four to the library, and another with just Cody and Kyle to the library for storytime and to see Winnie the Pooh in theaters (their first actual movie in theaters!). We have had fun, but I am also much more tired than usual.

3. After 93 & 1/3 years of waiting, Mimi finally has a birth certificate! It took a lot of patience and tenacity, but she finally got it! She also got her new license! On Thursday, she will go to her cardiologist for her one-month post-surgery check-up, and hopefully, she will be released to drive once again! Way to hang in there, Mimi! (That has to be why she has made it this age, with all of her patience)

4. I am so glad that I can now call myself Pioneer alumni. I remember talking with my friends during last year about how our class almost always missed out on the new things, and how the class behind us got everything much better than us. After we left the grade school, they got new basketball uniforms, new playground equipment, SMART Boards, and lots of other much-needed improvements. After we left 8th grade, they got all kinds of new athletic uniforms. Now that we have graduated, next year's seniors get to use the (unnecessary) new gym, have a somewhat-remodeled school building, and longer school breaks. Just our luck. As it turns out, we may have received the good end of that deal...School isn't supposed to start until September 6th, because of construction delays. (Okay, that one sounds alright...wait for it...), however, all of their breaks are going to be drastically shortened, and their school year will be lengthened. Furthermore, the school lost all of its math teachers and one science teacher, and, as far as I know, there haven't been any hires. Yes, my class won on that deal...we had normal breaks, we got out at least one week before any other schools, and we had good math and science teachers. I think it was worth it to not graduate with the new gym!

5. Because I was off today, I went in to town to take care of some business at NOC. I was successful in getting all of my questions answered. The man I spoke with regarding business with my dorm room happened to be the husband of one of my sponsors for my PLC scholarship, and he was willing to give me the name of my future roommate. I'll officially reveal her name when I receive my packet next week (only because I want to be absolutely sure), but I am fairly certain that I have met her before at an honor band during my 7th grade year. What I have scrounged up about her on the Internet makes her seem to be a good roommate, so here's hoping!

6. I also found out that I will be moving into my dorm room on August 18th, just about three weeks away. It seems so surreal to think about the fact that I will be living somewhat independently. I am really excited to begin this new chapter of my life!

7. Out of everyone in my graduating class that is going to NOC, which is quite a few of us, there are three people who aren't going that I wish were. You guessed it, my three best girl friends, Shea, Tonisha, and Mary. Shea will be headed to OU, majoring in Interior Design. Tonisha will be going to NOC-Tonkawa, majoring in Radiology, and Mary is going to UCO, majoring in Forensic Anthropology (I think). I'm not excited about this change at all. I know that we will keep in touch via Facebook as best as possible, and I know that we can still hang out when they come home on the weekends, or if I happen to venture out in their direction, but it still won't be the same. I won't be able to go to school on a Monday morning and gush about my weekend to any of them, or vice versa. I won't be able to share inside jokes about everyday things, either. I'm really going to miss that, and I'm really going to miss them. All of us (except Mary, who had to work) have seen each other twice since graduation: at my 3rd of July party, and at Tonisha's family pool party. Both times were fun, but Mary wasn't able to be there. Hopefully, we can pull it together and spend one last time together before Shea leaves on the 10th!

8. However, there is one person going to NOC who I am VERY happy will be going there...yes, Tevis. His three best friends, who are also very good friends of mine, will be there, too. I am really happy about that! Perhaps they will compensate for my three best friends who will be elsewhere... Right now, Mr. Tevis is spending some time with his dad in the great state of Colorado, as he will be for the next ten, almost nine, days. (I really do have a countdown, is that pathetic of me?) However, after his return next Friday, I am invited to his sister Symphony's 2nd birthday party! I can't wait for that, because, for the first time in my life, I get to buy a present for a little girl! I haven't decided what to get her yet, but hopefully I'll think of something soon!

9. The reason that I was off today was that Emily had her big ultrasound today! As per her and Scotty's choice, they decided not to find out what gender their baby is. After not knowing for all four of my nephews, I am really growing to love the surprise of not knowing the gender before he or she is born. I do believe that this baby is either super stubborn or just modest, because Emily's OB doctor has had very little luck finding the heartbeat, because of how it has been turned. Also, during her ultrasound today, the tech had some difficulty getting a good profile picture (not like on Facebook! Lol) of the baby. The picture that they ended up with turned out quite well, in my opinion. Cody seemed fairly convinced that the baby looked like a cat...leave it to him to think of that! It is also estimated that the baby weighs about 11 ounces. I am so excited for Emily & Scotty! Hurry up December!!!!!

10. On one last bit of exciting news, this Friday (the 29th), is Andrew's 2nd birthday! We will be having his birthday party on Saturday, in conjunction with Jeremy's birthday (his is on the 30th). I finally got Andy's present today, even though it isn't anything that cool...maybe one day I'll be the cool aunt...one day. I still can't believe that it has already been two years since he was born. It just doesn't seem like it could already be two years!