Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Few Thoughts on Friendship

Wouldn't you know that since I said yesterday that I have nothing profound to talk about, today I was struck with a moment that showed me something new. Perhaps it isn't that interesting, but it made my evening much better, to say the least.

As I have mentioned before, I have taken to attending Tevis's church for the Wednesday night youth service. I love it. It is completely different than anything I have ever experienced church-wise, but sometimes it's good to shake things up. I have many reasons why I enjoy attending this service, but one of the biggest reasons I have kept attending is the people who I have met. From the first time I went into the church, all of the leaders were warm and welcoming. I know that many church leaders are welcoming just so that they can help their congregation grow, but there was something about all of those people that felt genuine. I knew that they all cared about me, but I just figured that I would be a face in the crowd after some time.

Fast-forward to this evening....

I happened to drive myself to church tonight, because Tevis had some church obligations that required him to be at the church much earlier than usual. That was fine with me, and I wasn't too bent out of shape from having to go by myself. I decided that I would go a slightly different way because I was tired of driving the same streets all of the time, and it would take just as long going one way as the other. I was driving down the street, and I hadn't been on it for more than three blocks, when suddenly I saw a smaller dog running through the street. I wasn't going too fast to begin with, but I slowed down to make sure that it got back into its yard. I saw that there was another dog in that yard, along with who I'm assuming were the dogs' owners. Just as I neared the dogs, who were in the yard at that point, the smaller one started running toward the street. I looked quickly, and it didn't look like it ran into the street, so I went on. Then I glanced in my rearview mirror to see that dog lying in a heap in the middle of the street. My heart sank, and I knew I had to turn around to go apologize to the owners because I felt really bad about it. I was on the verge of tears, and I slowed down to tell the lady that I was sorry I hit her dog. As I rolled down my window, I was bombarded with the lady, who was full-on hysterical, yelling at me. I tried explaining that I didn't see the dog, and trying to express how sorry I was about everything, all while bursting into tears. This didn't seem to affect the lady too much because she was still hurling insults at me, telling me, "You ran over my dog! How could you do that?! Are you happy with what you've done?" One of the men who was with her was much calmer and asked if I happened to have the number for animal control, which I didn't. I pulled into the driveway, so that I was off the street, and I got out to ask the other man if there was anything I could do, and, once again, profusely apologizing for everything. He politely told me that everything would be alright, and that it would probably be just as well for me to go on, so I did just that.

In the three years I have driven, I have yet to run over an animal, and I felt horrible. I was a wreck, but I pulled myself together so that I could keep driving, and get to church. Thank heavens, I wasn't wearing any eye makeup this evening, because that would've gone to pot after that whole ordeal. As I pulled into the church parking lot, I was calm and, most importantly, not crying. It was very obvious that I had been (one of the worst parts of being so fair-complected), but I tried to pull myself together before I went in and saw everyone, namely Tevis.

Once I went in, all of the usual people greeted me, just like normal. I was doing just fine. All of a sudden, one lady stopped me and asked if I was alright. Of course, that's when the waterworks came back out in full force. The next thing I know, I was collapsed into her shoulder, crying and hysterically explaining everything, and basically making a scene. Lovely...just lovely, because I hate getting hysterical like that in public, but it was just one of those things that happened. After telling her about the dog, and the hysterical, grieving woman, and everything else, a couple of other people circled around, commiserating with their own stories of hitting small animals, and they all embraced me with sincerity and warmth. About this time, Tevis emerged from the main room that I was about to enter before I had my emotional moment. Once he saw the circle of ladies surrounding me, and just me in general, he had this look of bewilderment that I will never forget. After getting the story from one of the ladies' husbands, I made my way over to him to talk and he gave me a big bear hug and told that it'd be alright. After this, he and the other men out there were doing their best to make light of it, and cheer me up, which they succeeded in, by the way.

Even when I was freaking out about little things, all of those people who really don't know me that well were so willing to console me without a second thought. That amazed me, and it is a nice feeling to know that you are cared for in a new situation. Just experiencing that made me feel humbled, and I am so blessed to be able to call all of those people my friends. I am grateful for their kindness, and I hope that I can return the favor one day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

One day, I will have something more interesting to write about than what has happened all week. Also, I will have more time for this after school is out...Anyway, here goes!

1. Racquetball has gone quite well for Tonisha and I, although I have a feeling that our time playing is drawing to a close for the summer. It has been great, even with all of the bumps and bruises we have incurred while playing. I have gained a smidgen of coordination, although I am still prone to getting hit in the head with the ball. Such is life, I suppose. I have enjoyed this very much and I hope that we will still play next year!

2. Since the weather has been so beautiful recently, I have been getting out and running on a more regular basis. On a happy note, I have found a "Couch to 5K" workout program, and I am enjoying this because it gives me an idea of where to start and how to ease into it without burning out. (I usually start hard and burn out before long because of shin splints, muscle soreness, etc.) I am hoping that I can get back to where I once was as a runner. I decided this time that I am going out with a goal, because I always end up losing motivation. My goal is a 5K race here in Enid around the end of May. I still need to send in my registration, but I have every intention of accomplishing this. Also, my sisters just might join me for the 5K, which I am really hoping they do, because I need accountability in some form. Here's hoping it will all go well!

3. Our PLC trip on Friday was great. Minus the fact that it was unseasonably cold on Friday morning while we rode Segways, I had a great time! If you have never ridden a Segway, I recommend it! We started out getting a short tutorial, then we went out with our tour guide to go through downtown OKC. Although I am somewhat familiar with OKC, it was interesting to hear about all of the development that has taken place in Bricktown through the years. For anyone who is interested, here is a link for the tour group. It would be well worth the money for an afternoon of fun! After the tours, we enjoyed a nice lunch at Cattleman's, although I would've gone for Spaghetti Warehouse. (It was right next to the Segway depot, and smelled wonderful.) All in all, it was a great day!

4. Friday night was just as nice, because Tonisha, Mary, and I all went to see "The Lucky One" in theaters. Thankfully, we planned on going to the later showing, because the 7:00 showing sold out. I really liked the movie, and it met my expectations being that it was an adaptation. The casting was good, and they kept true to the story, which I really liked. Also, Zac Efron was a nice addition, if you know what I mean!

5. I enjoyed a nice girls' day on Saturday with my mom, sisters, and Taylor (Jeremy's daughter). We all got pedicures, then had a great lunch at Katy's Pantry. It's days like those that really make me appreciate the strong relationships I have with the women in my family. It was a great day!

6. That evening, Emily had a cookout at her house. The boys loved the fact that they got to roast their own hot dogs on their sticks. Tevis happened to be there, much to the boys' delight. Soon after we arrived, Cody and Wyatt drafted us to play soccer with them. It ended up being more of Cody and Wyatt latching on to Tevis's leg and us running frantically from end to end, but it was still fun for us. At the end of the night, Scotty made his famous dutch oven cobbler, which was just great!

7. Finals week is next week. I also have to move out next week. Yuck. The only final I have next week that I am concerned about is my Calc final, which is comprehensive. My Biology final is just a chapter test, so that shouldn't be anything too stressful. I came to the realization today that my Calc final will be the first math final I have ever taken. It will be the first of many, I'm sure, but hopefully, it will go well.

8. Speaking of Calc, I took my last regular test in that class today. I was really dreading it, but now that I have taken it, I really don't feel too bad about it. I think that I just might have done well, so I hope that my hunch is correct! It feels so nice not to have to worry about homework anymore!

9. The worst part about the last week of school is how many things that are packed into it. Because of PLC obligations, I have six different events going on this week...three of those are on the same day. I will be glad when I am done with all of these things. However, I could be paying for college, so I can't complain too much! :)

10. Last weekend, I got my birthday present from Gina and iPod!!! I am super duper excited about it, and it is my new favorite gadget! It took me the better part of yesterday to get all 46 (no exaggeration there) hours of music from my computer imported into iTunes. What can I say, I love music, which makes this gift that much better for me! I also purchased a few songs off of iTunes, and I think my new favorite thing on there is the 69 cent list. Thank you, thank you thank you to Gina and Emily for the awesome present!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I had a very nice weekend. I ended up going to Tevis's house on Saturday night for supper & a movie. It was great getting to spend some time with him since we really haven't spent much time together in the past few weeks. However, just before I was getting ready to leave, the storm starting rolling in, and it was decided that it would be in my best interest to stay in town. I ended up sleeping on the couch at his house, which was much better than possibly getting blown away while driving home. Thankfully, the storms spared us any damage, but Woodward wasn't so lucky. My thought & prayers go out to everyone affected by the storms.

2. Yesterday, the Literature Club had a bake sake. We decided that we needed a fundraiser, because we are in the process of starting a student lending library here on campus. We began with an insane amount of food, ranging from cookies to conchas (a Mexican sweet bread that is beyond amazing!). At the end of the sale we ended up with $99, and quite a bit of leftovers. We decided that we would bring the food back out for one more day, but make everything half-price since it was day-old goods. We sold for a shorter amount of time today, but we still sold quite a bit. After taking out some administrative costs, we ended up with a profit of $88, which is still pretty amazing, in my opinion! I am proud of us and all that we have accomplished, and I can't wait for next year, as I will be the club president.

3. Last night, PLC had one last hurrah with the Tonkawa group at Kaw Lake, where the college apparently has a tract of land. Who knew? No one was overwhelmingly excited to go, mostly for the fact that a few people had to take an early final today. Also, it was a long drive and the Tonkawa people aren't very endearing to us for reasons that are irrelevant. Through all of it, we enjoyed some beautiful scenery, a windless evening, (How lucky is that in Oklahoma?!) and a nice supper. After eating supper, we socialized for a short while before we decided that we had made an adequate appearance, and returned home. Honestly, it wasn't that bad, but even so, we made it through.

4. Speaking of PLC, we get to go to OKC on Friday for our annual trip. We were originally supposed to go to Dallas for the weekend, but those plans didn't quite pan out. Now, we get to do Segway tours in Bricktown and have a meal at Cattlemen's, which should be fun in itself; I am pretty excited about this, to be honest!

5. Calculus is almost over! We are currently on our last section, and I really comprehend it! After the nightmare better known as last chapter, this is a welcome relief. Also, I am still working on studying for the final, because I'm sure that I won't be able to remember everything at the last second. We are almost at the end of the road for that, so I am excited!

6. I think that Tonisha & I (and possibly Mary) will be going to see "The Lucky One" this weekend in theaters. Toe & I have both read the book & are hoping not to be too terribly disappointed with the adaptation. It will be the first time that I will actually go see a movie on opening weekend, instead of waiting around until it is almost out of theaters, so this could be interesting!

7. I have one more speech to write for speech class. It is supposed to be a special occasion speech, and can be for any special occasion. I am fairly certain I know what I will be talking about, but I haven't quite got all of the details nailed down. I'm sure that it will turn out just fine.

8. I think that I may have found a roommate for next year, and I am pretty excited about this. She went to Pioneer for a short while in junior high, and she was a friend of mine during that time. By a twist of fate, she will be a part of PLC next year, and, thanks to a Facebook post, we became reunited and we're thinking about rooming next year, so here's hoping that that will go well!

9. For some fun with YouTube videos, here is my new favorite commercial, courtesy of Nike Free Run shoes. Although I sympathize for the guy in the video, I still love it!

10. One more fun YouTube video comes courtesy of Hennessey High School. I'm sure that you may have heard about it on the news, for all of you who are local, but if you haven't, you should see it. Earlier this semester, their high school performed a play adaptation of "Footloose". They decided to revive some of their choreography by taking to Highway 81 and dancing to the song for their prom last weekend. I love it!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I had a great Easter weekend, as you may have gathered from my last post. We had church on Saturday night, so on Sunday, my family had a nice brunch. There was enough food for a small army, but, my oh my, it was delicious!!! After my dad whisked the older boys away for a while, we hid the eggs for the ceremonial egg hunt. Here is a picture of the boys all posed with their baskets!
2. We had the Creation Story at the Easter Vigil Mass. It really went well this year, as opposed to last year. I got to be the "herder"...aka the person who stands at the front by the altar and helps the children get into their places. It is always fun to see what animals people bring, and this year was no disappointment. We had rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, a lamb, and a spirited goat. Thank heavens we have a bunch of farm kids at church who know how to handle said animals or else that could have been semi-disastrous. Personally, my favorite moment was when Andrew, who was supposed to be standing with the stars, took it upon himself to stand in front of everyone and proudly shout out, "Look Mama!!! I'm a star! I'm a star, Mama!!!" It was priceless. All of the children did a great job, and I hope that it goes that well next year.

3. On a related note, I wish my church's Easter service didn't have to be at 8:30 at night. After the excitement from the Creation Story wore off, most of the children fell asleep or were terribly grumpy because it was past their bedtime. I miss the old days when we would have sunrise services, and I wish that we could possibly bring that back in place of the nighttime service...that just doesn't seem as Easter-y to me, I guess.

4. Happy Birthday to my amazing big sis, Emily!!! Today is her birthday, and I took her out to lunch earlier today. This evening, I think our family will be going to supper together, so I'm pretty excited about that. I hope you have a fantastic day!!! Love ya!

5. I have been on a bit of a reading frenzy as of late. I recently read my new Nicholas Sparks book from Tonisha (my birthday present), which didn't disappoint. Last night, I FINALLY got around to finishing "The Hunger Games". After my experience with it last year, I was pretty hesitant to try reading it again, because it left me less than impressed in the two chapters I read of it. However, Tevis couldn't believe that I hadn't read it (he loved the book), and at his insistence, I broke down and reread it. I must say that it was a very good book, and I loved it. I am ready to go buy the next book ("Catching Fire") so that I can continue on in the series. It was a little longer than you would think (374 pages), but it goes by pretty fast once you get into the thick of it. It has a little bit of everything in it, so perhaps that is why it has such a mass appeal. I would recommend it, and I am glad that I gave it a second chance!

6. Speaking of reading frenzies, my mom has finished "The Help". As I had hoped, she fell in love with it, and now she is ready to watch the movie. We have definitely had some good conversations about it. Once again, if you haven't read it, you really is as good as everyone says it is, even if it is over 500 pages long!

7. Another fun thing from last week was my parents' 34th Anniversary, which was on Saturday. Congratulations on another year, and many, many more!!!

8. I took another Calculus test today. I wasn't too thrilled about it, to be honest, but there is light at the end of the tunnel...we only have one chapter test before our final, and our next chapter test is supposed to be easier than the one we just took. There is hope! On a sidenote, I will have to begin studying for my final pretty soon.

9. I'm not looking forward to moving out here in a few weeks. It seems as though I have accumulated a few more things than when I moved in back in August, so it will definitely take longer than I want. I also will miss Carissa...I have grown to enjoy her company, which makes me that much more hesitant for my roommate next year. Oh well, surely I will have a decent roommate next year, and if not, such is life.

10. I have to share this picture of Andy from Sunday. Shortly before the egg hunt started, he insisted upon getting the wagon. Not only did he get the wagon, he put his basket inside of it and pulled it along as he hunted. He was in it to win it! (Also, I love his Green Lantern shirt.)

Have a great week, everyone!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Days

The past three days are what the Catholic Church calls the "triduum". These three days are Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. Each day focuses on a different aspect of the events leading up to Easter. I, for one, can say that this year, I felt a renewal after these three days. Because my church is annexed to another church, we usually have a different priest than usual for Holy Week because of logistical ease. This year, we had a priest named Fr. Creider. He has been our "substitute" priest on a few occasions in the past year, and everyone really enjoys having him there. This week was no exception. We had wonderful homilies on Thursday and Friday. The best description I can give about these is that Fr. Creider took off his vestments and stood with his white alb on. He proceeded to give a homily from the perspective of the disciples, and it was emotionally moving. He talked about Peter, saying that he was the "gutsy one" of the bunch, talking about Judas, and the utter confusion that lay in knowing what the prophecies said would happen, but having a hard time understanding how they could possibly be fulfilled. It was a different way of looking at it, and it is one that I have never considered, perhaps giving me a better understanding/appreciation of everything that happened.

Personally, I have never had an easy time talking about spiritual matters. It's not that I don't know what I believe or that I have no beliefs; it's just that I know what I feel and I have a difficult time putting it into words, as I suppose is true when you have a deep love of something. Regardless, I have found a song that perhaps can do just that. It was played last night at the Easter Vigil, and I will include an audio of the song with lyrics. (I couldn't find the video I really wanted,but this one works also.) Enjoy, and Happy Easter to you and your families!

 Composed by Gustav Holst; Words by MD Ridge

 Three Days
Three days our world was broken; the Lord of life lay dead.
"Take up your cross," he told us who followed where he led.
Would we now hang in torment with thieves on ev’ry side,
our Passover shattered, our hope crucified?
Three days we hid in silence, in bitter fear and grief.
Three days we clung together where he had washed our feet.

Three days and on the third day, the women came at dawn.
His tomb, they said, was empty, his broken body gone
Who could believe the story? The dead do not arise,
yet he walks among us, and with our own eyes
we’ve seen him at this table; we’ve shared his bread and wine.
Hearts burning bright within us, we’ve seen his glory shine.

Three days our world was broken and in an instant healed,
God’s covenant of mercy in mystery revealed.
Two thousand years are one day in God’s eternal sight,
and yesterday’s sorrows are this day’s delight.
Though still Christ’s body suffers, pierced daily by the sword,
yet death has no dominion: the risen Christ is Lord!

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Childhood Memory

As I have walked around campus, I have noticed that almost all of the trees are in full bloom. Because of this, that is why I have seen so many of these bad boys on the sidewalks and grass...

To the average person, these are the dried seed pods from a maple tree. To me, they hold a special memory from my childhood.

When I was little, my grandma's house was literally in my backyard up until I was six years old. I spent quite a bit of time over there just being with my Grandma. I don't remember a lot about that time, but there is one thing that has stuck with me to this day. Not only was my grandma's house in my backyard, there was also a maple tree. After a spring storm, these seed pods would blanket the grass surrounding the tree. One day, my grandma and I were outside and she happened to pick one up. She showed me how you can drop them to the ground and they spin like helicopter blades. That might not seem that impressive now, but as a four-year-old, I was amazed by this.

Through the years, my grandma's health began a decline that eventually led to her death eight years ago. Also, the maple tree sustained damage in the ice storm that it never quite bounced back from. Because of that, the tree also died and had to be cut down about two years ago. Since then, my backyard has seen none of these pods.

Now, every time I see one of these pods, still in my childlike wonder, I pick a few up and drop them back down to the ground, watching them spin like a helicopter. These remind me of the simple times of childhood that I sometimes long for. Now, whenever I get the chance, I will teach my nephews and hopefully one day, my own children about this fun anomaly of nature. Maybe it won't mean anything to them, I don't know; but maybe, just maybe, they, too will remember it and hold onto that memory as they grow up.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ten on Wednesday

1. I have had a good last week. As of last week, it is official that I will be getting a new job starting in July! Although I have had a good run in the tutoring lab, I will be moving on. One of the math teachers, who I consider to be a personal mentor, here on campus was in need of a new student assistant, and apparently I was one of the first people to come to mind. After discussing it and getting everything cleared with my current boss, I am lined up to start my new position on July 2nd. My new boss will be teaching a Concepts of Algebra class during July, so, as her assistant, I will get to sit in on her class. My main duties during the summer session are helping her when she lets the class do group work to facilitate and give assistance to those who need it so that she isn't spread so thin. Also, I will get to grade her quizzes while she teaches, thus eliminating the bulk of her work. My duties will change slightly when the new semester begins, but they will probably fall along the same line. I won't be getting a raise, but I will be working more hours, so it evens out.

2. Another thing about my new job is that I am excited to get to actually observe her classes, because, although I was gung-ho about engineering four months ago, I have come to realize that I don't really care about how something works or streamlining or being stuck in an office all day. I like people, and I keep hearing how good I am at helping others (especially in math) and I am thinking that I just might go back to that, and reconsider teaching. However, I am taking a new perspective, because I am thinking about getting a Master's so that I can (hopefully) by-pass teaching at the secondary level and teach at a junior college or something along those lines. Also, I don't like Calculus that much that I would be willing to actually apply it on a daily basis. With the proper training, I could probably teach it, but using it would be a bit of a stretch for me, or so I say now...

3. You know what I love? Well, I love lots of things, but one thing I really love is learning. It is always said that you should never stop learning, and I have really come to believe that in the last couple of weeks. My latest example comes to you courtesy of my 7.5-year-old nephew, Cody. Cody is a pretty profound kid, and he has quite the knowledge base, and, once again, he taught me something that I, as a 19-year-old college kid didn't know: Giraffes can run and kick at the same time. Perhaps you already knew that, but I didn't, and my mind was blown when I learned that! Because I just wanted to see it, I found a video on YouTube that showed me just that, and you can see it too below. Wow! (I should mention that the video includes a giraffe killing a lion, just so you are aware. It's the circle of life.)

4. After learning that fact, I looked up loads of other facts about giraffes, and I now consider them to be amazing, majestic animals that are more of a threat than I ever realized. For example, they are able to survive on about thirty minutes of sleep per day, and most of that is done in five minute segments. Also, they rarely drink water because they are very vulnerable to predation when bending down to drink. Most of their water comes from the acacia leaves that they so often eat. Another fact, they give birth standing up, and giraffe calves are able to walk in no more than an hour after birth, because of their vulnerability to predation. A single giraffe kick is also able to decapitate a lion, which is its main predator. Wow! Thanks to Cody, I now have a deep knowledge of giraffes!

5. I can't believe that it's already Holy Week. Wow, where has Lent gone?

6. Speaking of Holy Week, last night, my mom and I went down to OKC to the Cathedral for the Chrism Mass. This is the Mass in which the holy oils used for sacraments are blessed and the priests all renew their priestly vows. My parents and I went about two years ago, and we enjoyed it, as was the same for this year (except my dad was busy donating blood yesterday). It was last minute deal on my mom's and my part, but I was so glad that we were able to go. In a happy twist, I was able to see my youth leader from YAB, Nancy. (Some of you are familiar with her.) Nancy was surprised and overjoyed to see me there, of all places, and we had a lovely conversation. Also, one of my fellow YAB'ers who I met last year read one of the readings. She did a wonderful job, even if she was nervous beyond all measure. (You couldn't even tell she was nervous when she read, by the way. It was beautiful!) After Mass, my mom and I went to Olive Garden and had a great supper. We finally made it back to our house by 11, at which point I decided that I was staying there for the night. I had been driving for the better part of the afternoon/evening (yes, I drove us) and I couldn't bear to be on the road for yet another thirty minutes, especially when my bed was right there calling me! It was a great evening for me, indeed.

7. Calc is getting overpowering again. I am almost caught up on my homework with the exception of one section that I really just need to get some help on before progressing anymore and causing myself any more undue stress/frustration. This section isn't bad, because it is a continuation of the integration that we learned in our last chapter, but then again, that could be what is the worst part about it, if you see it that way. Today, two people dropped the class, and there is talk that two more might. It is disheartening because I have grown to enjoy having them around in class, but it is better because only the people with dedication remain. Only the strong survive, I suppose.

8. On Monday, I tried something that I have heard of doing, but haven't ever really done: I cooked bacon in the oven. I have to say, that is really the way to cook bacon, especially if you don't like constantly watching a skillet and getting popped with scalding hot grease. All you have to do is line a baking sheet (preferably one with sides) with tin foil, set the bacon on it in a single layer, and put it into a cold oven that you then turn on to 400 degreees. After about 17-20 minutes, it is just about perfect, unless you like it to be crispier, then you use your own judgement. Yes, my room still somewhat smells of bacon, but I now have them ready in my fridge to heat up for breakfast!

9. I have really been thinking about where I will be going to college after next year. I know that the next year is going to come much sooner than I want it to, and I still don't know where I'm going. Yikes! Well, I think I might end up at UCO, but that will entail a lot of work on my part in getting logistics worked out. There are also a lot of theoretical scenarios that I have also been thinking about as of late; I won't go into great detail, but I'm sure you could venture to guess what that is all about. I keep saying that time will tell, and I will get an answer to my problems when I need to have one, but I also like being able to plan and have a general idea of where my life is going. (Type A personality, much?) I suppose all I can do right now is lift it up to God and hope for the best, so here goes!

10. I am excited about Saturday, because it is my church's Easter service. I really wish that we could do it on Sunday morning, like we used to, but I don't have the authority to make that decision. Although the Easter service is literally two hours long, I still love it because of the Creation Story that the children will be doing. Because of the chaos that was better known as last year's production (if you were there, again, you know what I'm talking about), it has been decided that there WILL be a practice this year, unlike last year. I could say more, but I won't. Anyway, I am *hoping* that I won't have to serve on that day, because I would really just like to sit with my family for once on a holiday. I never minded being an altar server, but I think that my time in that role has mostly passed, and I should move on to other roles. Anyway, I'm sure that it will be a wonderful celebration, nonetheless.

Happy Easter to all of you, and I hope that you have a great celebration!