Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Update

What a crazy month it has been for me! Lots and lots of happenings in my life, as I suppose is becoming the new normal for me! Here we go...

So I vaguely mentioned starting a new job the last time I wrote. Well, let's just say that that job did not quite work out for me, and I quit after a couple of weeks. Maybe it was premature of me, but it just wasn't working out, and I figured that there was no point in staying at a job that was obviously making me unhappy. Thankfully, my boss (who goes to church with me) was quite understanding, and there are no hard feelings between us! I am happy to report that I have procured a couple of employment opportunities for Christmas break, and I am excited! One is a regular gig babysitting Gina's friend's daughters who I have watched most of this semester. I am particularly excited about the other gig, which is a return to the quilt shop!!! In what could possibly be a move of insanity, I decided to go back in time for Second Saturday, just to get myself back in the swing of things. I am excited to return to the quilt store, and reunite with my fun co-workers!

I also finished my urban observation experiences a couple of weeks ago, much to my pleasure! While it was a learning experience, it was mostly learning about what I don't like and what to avoid. Despite the fact that I was not very impressed with this experience, I loved the connection that I was able to make with the students in the short time I was there. They were almost always the bright spot in my stressful day, and nothing made me happier than hearing them tell me how excited they were to see me! Most of them were able to remember my name by my last visit, even if it was slightly mispronounced, it still made my day! Here's hoping I marry someone whose last name is easier to pronounce by sight than mine is now...I'm not sure if I can take a whole lifetime of being known as Ms. Hadlik or Ms. Hadik!!!

I have discovered a few new aspects of living in a trailer, much to my displeasure. Over the past few weeks I have become increasingly thankful for the fact that my parents only live an hour away and are readily able to come down for an evening to help me out!!! The morning of my last observation was punctuated by me finding out that my water line broke and I had no water in my trailer. Awesome. I had to be the bearer of bad news and call my dad at 6:00 AM to see if he could help me fix it that evening. After a few hours of work, my parents and I managed to get my water line in working order again! Just Friday, my heater decided that that would be an AWESOME time to go on the fritz, which isn't really *that* big of a deal, minus the fact that it was 20-ish degrees out, and it actually was a big deal. Thankfully, mom & dad brought down some space heaters that night to get me throught the night. Even better, Dad brought our neighbor Burt, aka the heat & air guy who rescues us every time our A/C is on the outs, to look at my heater the next morning. After a while of examining, we figured out that the problem literally may have been as simple as loose connections in my breaker box. I love it when big problems can be solved by simple solutions!!! Ever since, I have been enjoying a pleasantly warm trailer, and I will be making Burt one of my famous turtle cheesecakes as a token of my gratitude! I really do enjoy my trailer, but I can honestly say that I am looking forward to finding something bigger and obviously more permanent after graduating!!

Have I mentioned that I have been busy with school projects lately? I have, but I fear that it is par for the course. I have had my first taste of lesson planning, and it is not my favorite. I say that only for the fact that we have to do lesson planning that is far more intricate than anything we will be expected to do in an actual teaching position. I understand why we have to this, but get mildly frustrated when having to work on them. As I hope you saw, I also had the project of making a video for my EdTech class, which is easily my favorite of all my classes! As a happy sidenote, my professor for that class is trying to "headhunt" me for a Master's program he is leading up! Granted, he probably encourages many of his students to join it, but still. The program focuses on Educational Technology, which is literally spending two years going more in depth on the class I'm taking on it right now. How awesome would that be?! We'll see where life takes me!

Because my duties at my now old job were rescinded, I was able to make it to the Baylor game this past weekend! It was a huge weekend for our campus, as ESPN's College Game Day program filmed at OSU. Okay, so I've never actually watched CGD, but I still know that it's a big deal when they decide to film at your campus, which would probably explain why I still did not go to the filming. I know, I probably should have gone, because what are the odds that they'll be back within the next year, but my heater being fixed by Burt the wonder-man was a bigger deal than possibly being shown on national TV. (Have I officially become an adult? I was actually at the game, which was also on national TV, so that counts, right?) That was probably the single best game I have ever attended, and I am even more excited to go to Bedlam here in a week or so! Yes, it was ridiculously cold at the game, but I had enough foresight to buy some Hot Hands, Hot Toes, and Hot Body packets that made my three layers of clothing almost warm!! (Looks like I'll be needing to buy more because Bedlam will be just as cold, if not colder!!)

 The set-up of College Game Day on the Library Lawn

Me with my friends Lisa and Sara, waiting it out in the long, cold student line!

My seats weren't quite as close as last time, but we still had a great view of the field :)

Little Jakub is now one month old, and has grown so much! It makes me sad that I haven't been around for the better part of that month, but it also makes me really happy when I do get some time to snuggle my adorable little man! I think that Cole has recognized that he is no longer the "baby" and is acting as such. Maybe it's just having Jake as a comparison, but I feel like Cole has grown up so much in the past month!! His speech is improving by leaps and bounds, and he is very much in the repetition phase. He is slowly getting to the point where he will converse a little bit more; how exciting! Andy is still loving big brotherhood, and loves helping Gina. He still watches Jakub like a hawk and gives him "lovings" frequently! Kyle will turn the big seven on Sunday, and is pretty pumped about that! His biggest happening lately was that his class performed a dance to the song "Turkey in the Straw" at the annual Thanksgiving band concert at their grade school. Unfortunately, he "forgot" his dance when we asked him to recreate it yesterday...or he was too shy to do it alone; I'm leaning towards the last one, though! Wyatt is doing well, but will be experiencing a big change next week. As evidenced in his first eye exam last week, he will be getting glasses to help compensate for his far-sightedness and a lazy eye. Thankfully, he is looking forward to this change, and I hope it will help him! Last, but definitely not least, is Mr. Cody, who is working toward mastering his multiplication tables. I believe that he is currently working on sevens, but I can't quite remember! I am looking forward to getting to spend much more time with my awesome nephews over Christmas break and going on adventures with them!

Due to scheduling conflicts, our family Thanksgiving will be on Sunday, in conjunction with Kyle's birthday, and I am really looking forward to it! I hope that everyone will have a great celebration, no matter how or when you celebrate! Although I always consider myself blessed, I recognize it especially now!

"Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus."--1 Thessalonians 16-18, NAB

Monday, November 25, 2013

Video Fun :)

You can obviously assume that my lack of posts is due to my busy school schedule right now, but I will be posting some of my happenings in the coming days! Until then, enjoy my most recent assignment which was to create a video for my EdTech class! After about one week's worth of work, I finished my masterpiece last night! Special thanks to all of my amazing St. John's friends who stepped up and took time out of their busy schedules to help me out!!!! They are the best :) Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!