Friday, March 21, 2014

A Month Later...

What a month it has been! Yes, it has literally been one month since I last posted on here, and I'm sure the majority of people who read regularly may have thought that I have fallen off the face of the earth. I have not! I have been having all kinds of great and a few not-so-great adventures, but all is well in my world!

I've spent lots of time on homework, which isn't really how I ever want to spend time, but it is a necessary evil! Fun fact: Did you know that some classrooms are moving to a different model where students don't have homework? Some classrooms post video lectures, which is the students' homework, and they spend the entire class period working on assignments...this is a flipped classroom, in case you're curious! Or, my personal favorite, instead of assigning tons of tedious problems out of a textbook, teachers assign students a project to work on over a period that incorporates the material, but also speaks to the students' varied interests...problem/project-based learning :) Lots of neat stuff that could be coming to classrooms in the foreseeable future...but none of my professors (besides my education professor, who doesn't even give us homework) prescribe to these learning theories and insist on giving us homework on homework on goes on, I suppose!

I've had lots of great times with friends! Over the past month, I've gone on a road trip to Tulsa to see our retreat friends, had a movie night beneath a table and blanket fort, had a massive birthday celebration, gone dancing, been to a couple of bonfires, and lots of other random fun stuff! Who would have known a year ago what good times would await me once I arrived here?! I'm glad I had faith and trusted that everything would be just fine!

I mentioned that Mimi fell, broke her femur, and had surgery last time. After spending a couple of weeks in rehab, she has since come home. (She was nowhere near ready, but you know how hospitals can be sometimes...) She is doing alright. Sometimes she has good days, and sometimes she has some not-so-good days. My mom and Aunt Pat spend at least 2-3 days a week with her. We were getting a little bit worried about her, but she surprised us all and perked up quite a bit on her big day on Tuesday! I guess I should clarify by saying that Tuesday was her 96th Birthday! We are all so blessed to see her make it this far, especially after the way this past year has gone for her. She received lots of phone calls, birthday cards, visitors, and social media love! The sweetest thing was watching my mom read off birthday wishes from her Facebook page and seeing Mimi's face light up at the mention of everyone's names. Each time Mom would mention someone, Mimi would say how much she loved that person and how kind it was for them to send her birthday wishes! By the end, Mimi told us that she couldn't believe how many people cared about her...quite the humble woman!
Emily's family with Mimi!

Love, love, love this picture of Mom and Dad with Mimi!!!

I also got a picture with the birthday girl :)

Let's see, other random fun stuff I've done...

Cody and Kyle spent the day with me on Wednesday, and we had a great day together! We started the day with our breakfast, made for us by Cody, who has taken a sudden interest in cooking! We made omelets, and they were REALLY good!! He pretty well made them by himself, although I still supervised some, and helped with the "tricky" sauteing the onions and mushrooms. Sometimes, letting kids cook and help with food preparation can be more time-consuming than just doing it by yourself, but really, how else will they learn? Also, many of my great memories from my childhood involved helping in the kitchen! 

If this isn't pure joy, then I'm not sure what is! :)

We capped off our day by watching Frozen!!!!!!!! I had not seen it yet, and literally EVERYONE (or it seemed like it, at least) at church had seen it and were absolutely obsessed! (Most of them had seen it multiple times!) So, with that in mind, I was hoping that it wouldn't be the let-down of the year, because that's always my luck! But it wasn't :) I watched it, and I am now in love with it and the music and all of the funny quotes!!! I love that it wasn't a typical princess movie, and the fact that both Anna and Elsa had their awkward moments that I could somewhat relate to :) Yep, I'm obsessed!!! (I may or may not have blown up my friend, Heather's, phone while watching it...)

So, do you wanna build a snowman?! :) That just doesn't get old...or Let It go!

I guess the last little bit of big news for right now is that.........


Not only is it my birthday, but it's my "golden birthday", as I'm 21 on the 21st!! :) My birthday could possibly be one of my favorite days of the year, if that explains my excitement at all! My day began wonderfully with my mom making me pancakes, which are my favorite breakfast food! I've also received multiple calls, texts, and Facebook wishes, all of which have made my day even better! As it stands, my plans for tonight are to hang out with my family and have a fish fry since it IS a Friday of Lent...#catholicmarchbirthdayprobs 

Tomorrow, I will be headed back to Stilly to celebrate with all of my church friends, plus Liz and Tonisha! We'll probably go out to a couple of places, but I don't foresee a bar crawl in my future! Also, Liz has already promised to be our designated driver, so we will be going home safely, in case you were concerned! I plan on keeping it moderate, so no worries!

Oh yeah, there actually is one last bit of good news--I procured summer employment working at the lake where I live :) That is exciting and a huge burden off my mind! I'll start sometime during April so that I will be trained for when it gets busier! All good things :) (Told you I'm obsessed with Frozen!) Hooray!

I suppose I'll end it here, and I hope that everyone is doing well, wherever you are!