Friday, April 28, 2017

Wedding Updates!

I'm back! I've been so busy over the last few weeks that it has taken me about a month to come back to you all and tell you what I've been up to. I thought about making one monstrous post, but I'm going to split it up, just so I have a chance at actually completing a post! So in this segment, I'll talk about wedding planning!

Wedding planning is in full swing, I guess you could say. People always talk about how stressful it is to plan a wedding, although I don't completely know if I can echo that statement. I guess that's a perk of having almost 1.5 years to plan a wedding, you stretch everything out over such a long period of time that you're able to alleviate a decent amount of stress. Or I'm just forgetting everything.
I doubt that, actually. Really, we're still in a holding pattern for the next few weeks, as the remainder of tasks to be completed can't be done until it gets closer to the big day.

Some planning highlights for those keeping track at home...we have now ordered invitations and picked out all of our readings/prayers for our wedding Mass! Those are actually pretty big milestones! I'm happy with our choice of invitation, which we ended up finding at a print shop in Enid. They outsource those to their vendor to be printed, but it was still a pretty economical option. Some people think I'm crazy, but with our invitations, I'm not sending out RSVP cards. Apparently no one forgoes RSVP cards these days, but we'll live. My parents planned for ample food for both of my sisters' huge weddings, and I'm sure we'll be just fine again. If not, everyone can make a group trip elsewhere to get more food, and the party will continue! (You have to be an optimist to keep from going too crazy, right?)

Picking readings with Thomas was an awesome experience. In a way, it made everything seem more real to us. We had a minor snag earlier in the week when we found out that one of our friends who was supposed to be a lector likely wouldn't even be able to make it to the wedding due to a summer training program she was just accepted to at Notre Dame. I was equal parts sad and excited about the whole thing. Sad that one of my dear friends wouldn't be able to attend, but excited for the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity she has received! In good news, it only took us about ten minutes to find someone to replace her. Okay, that sounds just a little callous, but I promise I don't intend it to be! You see, Thomas and I have wanted to include another of our dear friends from St. John's, but we just weren't sure where to include him. Thomas was pretty dead-set on who he wanted to be groomsmen, and we already had all of our other mass roles fulfilled. I'm glad that Thomas remembered that this friend liked to lector (because I sure didn't). Our friend seemed pretty excited to be a part of our wedding, which makes it all the better! All's well that ends well, right?

In other exciting wedding news, we have 2 more showers slated for the next couple of months! This week, my co-workers were sweet enough to throw me and the other teacher who's getting married this summer a shower! It was especially sweet, considering that it was right at the end of our state testing period AND close to the end of the semester, which are incredibly stressful times for everyone. Thomas wasn't able to attend that one, since it was on a weekday, but my mom was able to be there, so that was awesome! (Emily also popped in at the very end.) There weren't a ton of people there, but I loved getting to see everyone who showed up. We received lots of beautiful gifts, including a couple of personalized items made by teachers who are pros with their vinyl cutting machines! (Leave it to the teachers to come up with crafty gifts ;) ) It was so beautiful and humbling to see how much they all put into making it a fun, relaxing event.

The church ladies have decided to throw one for me about a week after school is out! Thomas and his family will be able to make it up for that one :) Also, I think my sisters will have one for me at the beginning of July. I think I've finally settled on guest lists for those last two showers. I'm trying not to double-invite people to my showers so that no one feels obligated to get me anything each time. Also, I'm trying to coordinate groups of people who would mesh well together, so no one feels out of place or anything. (I think that's the teacher coming out in me!)

One thing that I've been able to stay on top of is writing thank you notes. I'm very glad that I've been able to manage that, as I hate having those loom over my head. Also, I think I've pleasantly surprised people by how quickly I've managed to get those out to them. One of Thomas' family friends called his mom and asked if I wrote them on my way home from the shower because she received it so quickly! Kudos to my mom for instilling in me that thank you's should be sent promptly! Now for me to keep that up :)

Speaking of the teacher coming out of me, I feel like I've become extra OCD, but I know it'll be for my sanity's sake in the end...I decided to create an excel spreadsheet that details the times that everything needs to happen during the wedding weekend. I'm hoping that it'll be helpful for all of the people in our wedding party so that there is no ambiguity as to when things are happening (pictures, line-ups, etc.). So many planning tasks will beckon me after school is out!

Big tasks that still beckon us are picking out cakes with our cake lady, finalizing details with our DJ, picking out artificial flowers/reception centerpieces with Clemy, meeting with our priest again, picking outfits for the small boys, getting my dress altered, having pre-bridal pictures done, sending invitations...oh yeah, and packing up my belongings/moving to Texas. There's still lots to do, but we'll get it done! I'm trying to just enjoy the ride!

Okay, I'll leave you with a few pictures from all of the showers. They're too great NOT to share!

Centerpieces for our fiesta-themed shower!
As you'll see, they were the real hit of the shower!

Thomas' cousin McKenna and his sister Elizabeth

Kyle LOVED the decor...obviously.

Thomas' dad, Steve, and Steve's brother Jay (one of our hosts)

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures....
Mom, me, and Aunt Pat

Thomas' uncle and aunt, Bob and Jan
(Jan is one of Steve's sisters.)

Diana's brother Ross and his beautiful family!
L-R: Ross, William, Juliette, McKenna, and Michaela
(Michaela was our photographer for the evening!)

Oh yeah, I guess I should include a picture of us :)
Love this man!

My nephews really LOVED the decor. They're a mess, but I love them too!

McKenna, Elizabeth, William, and Michaela

Thomas' neighbors, the Howe family!
Such lovely people!

Our hosts for the night, Mark and Jay!

I also love this picture of Diana and me. I think this is the first picture of its kind! 
Me and Mom at my work shower.
Look at those gorgeous centerpieces!

All of my hostesses for my work shower!
Love them and how much work they put into the shower!
I promise another post is in the works about everything else, I'll try to post that soon! Happy Friday!

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